High Level Risks

Planning for Brexit starts with a high level review of key issues and risks for your business. These are some of the issues and questions which our clients are considering in their Brexit planning.

  • Business risk: Which part of our business will be most affected by Brexit?
  • Sectoral risk: Is our sector particularly exposed to Brexit?
  • Employee risk: Will our employees' right to work in their present location be affected?
  • Funding risk: Are our sources and cost of funding impacted by Brexit?
  • Currency risk: Are we exposed to euro/sterling exchange rate volatility?
  • Contract risk: Will we need to amend our material contracts?
  • Regulatory risk: Will we require additional authorisations or have to comply with further standards?
  • Tax risk: Will our business be subject to additional taxes, customs, tariffs or duties?
  • Investment risk: How will Brexit affect planned investments in or by our business?
  • Client risk: How will my clients and customers be affected by Brexit?