William Fry Supports Depaul's Cosán Nua (New Path) Service



We're delighted to support Depaul as one of our 2021-2023 community partners. 



Our work with Depaul will focus on providing focused and meaningful support for the Cosán Nua (New Path) service and will include staff volunteering, pro bono and fundraising support in addition to a firm commitment of €60,000 over three years.

Why Cosán Nua?

There are 6,000 people living in 40 Direct Provision centres across Ireland, including over 1,500 children. 

Currently over 1,000 individuals living in direct provision have been granted Permission to Remain (PTR) in Ireland. 

Depaul set up Cosán Nua (New Path) in response to the critical housing needs of migrant families and individuals transitioning from direct provision. 

By supporting Cosán Nua, we will further our commitment to diversity and inclusion by helping provide practical supports for people exiting direct provision, facilitate their social inclusion, encourage positive interaction within the community and provide mental health and general health supports.

How We're Helping

 Depaul_1Our partnership will provide a positive start and deliver much needed practical and meaningful supports to these families as they begin their new lives in the community by funding:

  • Travel costs to accompany service users to welfare and medical appointments and visits to potential new homes;
  • Resettlement Support Packs for people moving into their own accommodation; and
  • Support with language barriers including cost of interpreters and translators.

The partnership will also include staff volunteering opportunities and the provision of pro bono legal advice.

Together We're Making a Difference

We will work with Depaul to support 150 households moving into their own home in the first 12 months of this partnership. This means new homes for single people, couples and families and would account for up to 350 people moved and supported to sustain their first home in the community in 2021.

Learn More

Click here to learn more about Depaul's work in the community.




Derek Hegarty

Derek Hegarty
Senior Sponsor, Community