Environmental sustainability is an important part of William Fry's Responsible Business programme and a key component of our business strategy. We have identified our most significant environmental impacts and have set targets to improve our environmental performance. 


HometreeDid you know that Ireland was once a land of forests, with up to 80% of the country covered in native wildwood? Today Ireland is the most deforested country in Europe with just over 1% of the original forest cover remaining.

Native forests are a critical part of our ecosystem and necessary for addressing declining biodiversity and climate change.

We have been working with Hometree, a charity that plants native Irish trees and encourages biodiversity through afforestation and education, since 2019. We are delighted to continue to grow our partnership with Hometree in 2021 through staff volunteering, pro bono and fundraising to build an education centre and to plant 500 more trees.

Click here to learn more about our environmental partnership with Hometree.

Low Carbon Pledge

We are proud to be part of the Business in the Community (BITC) Low Carbon Pledge since its launch in 2018. In 2021, we reaffirmed our pledge by signing up to the new BITC Low Carbon Pledge, committing to set science-based carbon emissions reduction targets by 2024, which will include our entire carbon footprint (Scope 1, 2 & 3) and be in line with the Paris Agreement and the latest IPCC findings.

Our ultimate goal is to achieve carbon neutrality and these targets will help us reach our target of net zero by 2050. 

FSC / Carbon Balanced Paper

In 2021 we aim to maintain the reduction in paper use that we saw in 2020. We have a policy of double-sided printing across the Firm and use electronic filing. Where use of paper is necessary, we aim to reduce our environmental impact by recycling used paper and using FSC and carbon balanced paper where possible.  

Phase Out Single-Use Plastics 

Since 2016 we have been working towards phasing out single-use plastics and other non-recyclable items from our on-site restaurant. We provide reusable delph, cutlery, glassware and mugs and in 2019 we moved from single-use to compostable for our takeaway cups and utensils as well as our takeaway soup and salad containers. 








Claire Waterson

Senior Sponsor, Environment