William Fry Supports Hometree

hometreeEnvironmental sustainability is an important part of William Fry's Responsible Business programme and a key component of our business strategy. We are on a mission to embed sustainable practices and long-term value thinking into 'business as usual'. 

We strive to make a positive difference in our community, ensuring that we play our part in the global effort of transitioning to a low carbon future. 

As part of our commitment we have been working with Hometree, a charity that plants native Irish trees and encourages biodiversity through afforestation and education, since 2019.

Why Hometree?

HometreeIreland was once a land of forests. At one time, up to 80% of the country was covered in native wildwood.

Today Ireland is the most deforested country in Europe with just over 1% of the original forest cover remaining.

Hometree is changing this.

Hometree began in a small community garden project in 2015. Five years on, it has planted over 30,000 pioneer trees like scots pine, willow, and alder, while hundreds of people have contributed time and resources to the vision of incorporating more trees into the Irish landscape.

Hometree's vision is the restoration of Ireland’s ancient wildwood - through conservation, afforestation, and education, it aims to create a landscape in which people and forests flourish, together.

How We're Helping


We have been working with Hometree since 2019. Over the past 18 months we have provided more than 250 hours of legal and non-legal pro bono support through our Social Impact+ programme as well as providing funding to plant 800 native Irish trees.

In 2021, we are delighted to announce a formal partnership with Hometree. The partnership will include:


  • Ongoing legal and non-legal pro bono as Hometree grows and scales its impact
  • Funding to build and education centre and plant another 500 native Irish trees
  • A series of interactive Biodiversity @ Home workshops to help raise awareness and equip our people to protect and promote biodiversity wherever they are.

Learn More

Click here to learn more about Hometree.








Claire Waterson

Senior Sponsor, Environment