Joshua Bourke

I graduated from the University of Limerick with a degree in Law with Economics in 2019.

During my final year of studies, I completed traineeship applications and secured interviews with a number of large law firms in Dublin. These interactions with the various firms convinced me that William Fry would offer me the best opportunity for learning and progression by virtue of their welcoming atmosphere and market leading practice.

Following completion of my FE-1 examinations  I began working in William Fry as a pre-trainee solicitor in the firm’s Corporate department in January 2021. The nine months spent working in the Corporate department, was extremely stimulating and rewarding as I assisted on a number of large corporate acquisitions and restructurings. I was  very grateful of the generosity of those in the firm who took the time to explain and assist me in my development, which speaks to the open door policy that exists within William Fry and the willingness to collaborate.A typical day as a corporate trainee was quite fast-paced, often challenging but always engaging with diverse workstreams that saw exposure to many other departments within the firm.

I have recently started my second rotation within the firm’s tax department which has been a challenging transition, however the process has certainly been made easier by the willingness of others to assist. Across both rotations, it has been clear that the firm encourages active engagement with trainees being given meaningful tasks and entrusted with a high-level of responsibility. I have thoroughly enjoyed this level of trust as I feel it encourages stronger ownership of your work and facilitates a deeper understanding of the tasks being completed.

It is very evident that William Fry value a strong work life balance and encourage all those within the firm to partake in social activities. I have been fortunate enough to be chosen as a member of the firm’s Trainee Social Committee that are responsible for organising trainee social events. Some of these trainee-dedicated events include a trainee weekend away, trainee Christmas party and regular trainee activities such as tag rugby and football.