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Amber Light for the EU's Digital Green Certificate

EDPB and the EDPS release joint opinion on the EU's Digital Green Certificate. Read more here...

Return to Work: Dealing with a Confirmed Case of the Virus in the Workplace

50% of employers say their main data protection concern for returning to work is dealing with a confirmed COVID-19 case in the workplace. Here we discuss what information can and should be shared with employees. Read more here...

Over the Rainbow. High Court Orders Twitter to Disclose Information About Parody Account

The High Court has ordered Twitter to reveal the identity of whomever is behind a parody account, after accepting arguments of allegedly abusive and damaging social media posts targeting a courier business. Read more here...


COVID-19 & E-Commerce: Top 10 Legal Issues for Online Retailers

In this article, our specialists identify ten important legal issues that apply to online retailers and offer some practical guidance on how to ensure online businesses comply with applicable consumer, data protection and distance selling regulations. Read more here...

COVID-19 and an Overview of Contact Tracing Apps Across Europe

Contact tracing apps appear to be one of the various technological companions for progressive deconfinement for countries and organisations. However, approaches to such apps diverge, we discuss the various approaches in this article. Read more here...

COVID-19: How may it affect your Commercial Contracts?

Key provisions of commercial contracts may be impacted by the outbreak of COVID-19. We consider key clauses in contracts that may be impacted and look at contractual provisions in contracts that businesses can seek to use to address the issues arising due to COVID-19.Read more here...

COVID-19: Protecting Your Business From Cybercriminals

This article discusses the rise in cybercrime activities since the outbreak of COVID-19. It assesses the types of attacks institutions should be aware of and which are increasing in scope and scale. Read more here...

EU Commission's Guidance on How to Combat COVID-19 Through Mobile Apps and Location Data While Maintaining GDPR and Data Protection Rights

The European Commission adopted a common EU toolbox for the use of mobile applications and geolocation data in the fight against COVID-19. The recommendation gives practical guidelines for Member States and private organisations concerning compliance with data protection laws and GDPR in developing and putting forward such apps. The European Data Protection Board has strongly supported the Commission's efforts and has addressed the possible impacts of such apps and geolocation data on individual's data protection and privacy rights and how these impacts may be minimised while preserving public health. Read more here...

COVID-19: Data Protection Issues When Video Conferencing

In this article, William Fry specialists identify key data protection issues apparent during the recent global increase in video conferencing following the outbreak of COVID-19.  We highlight steps that ought to be considered by both individuals and businesses to facilitate using video conferencing platforms. Read more here...

COVID-19 & Cybersecurity: Key Threats and Practical Tips When Working Remotely

In this article, William Fry experts consider key cybersecurity risks presented by the recent global increase in remote working following the outbreak of COVID-19 and highlight the steps that can be taken by businesses to mitigate these risks. Read more here...

COVID-19: Top Data Protection Queries & Practical Tips

We consider how businesses might navigate some of the demands of data protection compliance in the context of COVID-19 and share some practical tips to assist in addressing the impacts of COVID-19.  Read more here...

Where do I sign? Using Electronic Signatures for your Remote Business Dealings during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Using an electronic signature to execute documents is a practical and effective solution to the restrictions faced by businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more here...



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