Age in the Workplace – Lessons And Guidance For Employers
Jeffrey Greene, Associate in William Fry's Employment & Benefits Group, explores important age issues in the workplace, the legal requirements and obligations, and outlines recommended actions for employers.


Retiring at 65/66 might not be an option for many people: according to a survey commissioned by William Fry (Age in the Workplace 2016), 63% of those surveyed aged 55 or above stated that they believed they would need to work beyond the age of 66. We review the legal position regarding the enforcement of mandatory retirement ages in Ireland, and the huge influence that EU legislation and EU case law has had on this area. We also look at the related subject of maximum recruitment ages, and discuss recent developments in age discrimination and retirement age law. 

This article was first published in Industrial Relations News Issue 34 on 21 September 2017 and is reproduced with the kind permission of Industrial Relations News. 

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Age In The Workplace – Lessons And Guidance For Employers

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