First Concrete Steps Taken To Implement EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan
On 9 December 2019, the first of the legislative measures in the EU's Sustainable Finance Action Plan were published.


On 9 December 2019, two out of the three core legislative measures which make up the EU's Action Plan for Sustainable Finance (the Action Plan) were finalised and published in the Official Journal; the EU Climate Transition and EU Paris-aligned Benchmarks Regulation; and the Disclosures Regulation. 

The third core measure in the Action Plan, the Taxonomy Regulation, is currently under negotiation but proposes providing market participants with a 'common language to identify what economic activities can be considered environmentally sustainable'.

As the provisions of the EU Climate Transition and EU Paris-aligned Benchmarks Regulation are principally facilitative in nature, this briefing focusses on the provisions of the Disclosures Regulation and the obligations and requirements it imposes on in-scope entities.

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First Concrete Steps


Contributed by: Nessa Joyce