Recovery and Resolution Planning for the Insurance and Reinsurance Sector
EIOPA's proposals on recovery and resolution planning.


Recovery and resolution planning has become an increasingly prominent topic for regulators of the insurance and reinsurance industry in recent years. This focus has followed from initial proposals, in the wake of the crisis from 2008 onwards from bodies like the G20 and the Financial Stability Board, to support the stabilisation of the financial sector. Initially, these proposals focused on the banking sector and led, at EU level, to the adoption of the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive in 2014.

In this briefing, we cover: 

  • EIOPA Consultation Paper - Minimum Harmonisation Proposal
  • What is meant by Recovery and Resolution Planning?
  • What are EIOPA's key proposals?
    • Recovery
    • Resolution
    • Cross-border cooperation
    • Triggers
  • What happens next?

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Contributed by Mike Frazer 

Key Contacts

John Larkin Consultant

Eoin Caulfield Partner

Ian Murray Partner