Guide to the Investment Limited Partnership: Ireland's new and Improved Option for Private Fund Sponsors
Ireland has recently modernised its Investment Limited Partnership fund structure with the aim of providing a flexible and tailored regime able to successfully compete with limited partnership options favoured in other private fund domiciles. This briefing is a high-level overview of the structure, its key features, parties and the establishment process.


Recent reforms will take effect on 1 February to the Irish legal regime for Investment Limited Partnerships.  With these reforms, Ireland now has a modern and flexible tax transparent limited partnership vehicle for private equity and other illiquid asset strategies, which compliments the successful ICAV structure.  This Guide gives a high level overview on the key legal and regulatory features of the structure. We cover: 

  • Background
  • Legal Form and Features
  • Central Bank Authorisation
  • Parties to the Structure
    • General Partner
    • Limited Partners
    • AIFM and Other Service Providers
    • Umbrella Fund Structures
    • Migration of Limited Partnerships
    • Irish Tax Regime
  • Establishing a QIAIF ILP
  • Snapshot of key rules for a QIAIF

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Guide to the Investment Limited Partnership  Irelands new and Improved Option for Private Fund Sponsors




Key Contacts

John Aherne Partner

Eoin Caulfield Partner

Ted McGrath Tax Partner with William Fry Tax Advisors Ltd

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