William Fry Launches the Social Impact+ Bursary Awards


William Fry has been supporting the social enterprise sector through our Social Impact+ pro bono programme since 2019. We have delivered targeted training and legal and non-legal pro bono advice to more than 50 social enterprises. This has allowed us to leverage our skilled workforce and expertise to help these social enterprises grow, creating long term sustainable impact.

We are delighted to partner with Inner City Enterprise to launch our Social Impact+ Bursary Award 2021 which we hope will further support the amazing work of social enterprises in Ireland. Bursary awards of €5,000 will be awarded to three winning social enterprises who have made significant strides in their chosen field of work – raising awareness of key social issues, effecting positive change for disadvantaged communities and delivering outcomes that improve people’s lives, our environment and society.

An evaluation panel will review all submissions and three winners will be awarded funding. A competitive process is in place to assist in decision-making.

To apply for the bursary, email Shane Meehan at shanemeehan@innercityenterprise.com and he will send you the link to submit your application online.

The closing date for submissions is Tuesday, 3 August by 5:00pm.