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Irish Competition Law Update Spring 2021

Recent developments in Irish competition law include lengthy merger control reviews and increased behavioural enforcement. In addition, the Irish Government is introducing an investment screening regime and, pursuant to the ECN+ Directive, increased behavioural powers

Central Bank of Ireland publishes Draft Cross-Industry Guidance on Outsourcing

The Central Bank of Ireland has recently issued a consultation paper and draft cross-industry guidance on outsourcing, including cloud services. In this briefing, we examine the regulatory implications for regulated firms in how they manage outsourcing risk.

Video: Ireland's Gender Pay Gap (and Reporting) - Top 10 Questions and Answers

Video: What is the Gender Pay Gap (GPG), why does it exist, when will mandatory GPG reporting come into law in Ireland, who will be affected and what does this mean for employers?

Drug-Device Combination Products: Where do they fall within the new MDR Regime?

Continuing our series of publications, in this briefing we examine the key changes to the regulatory pathway for drug-device combination products (DDCs) in advance of the Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) becoming fully applicable in May 2021.

An Insurer’s Perspective on the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation is now in effect. In this briefing, we examine its impact on the insurance industry.

New EU Food Chain Transparency Regulation Comes Into Operation

A new EU regulation on food chain transparency came into operation on 27 March 2021. The new regulation aims to increase the transparency of the EU risk assessment in the food chain, and to improve the independence and reliability of the European Food Safety Authority risk assessment process across certain areas.

Summary Judgment – What is it and When is it Available?

Summary judgment can be a useful strategic measure for plaintiffs to consider using where applicable in plenary proceedings. A recent Court of Appeal decision confirmed that the court has an inherent jurisdiction in plenary proceedings to grant relief on a summary basis. Although rarely invoked, the adoption of this approach could lead to justice being administered in an expeditious and inexpensive manner in future cases before the Irish Courts.

EIOPA Launches IDD Single Rulebook

EIOPA launches a new online tool, the IDD Single Rulebook.

Brexit Continued – UK & EU Agree Memorandum of Understanding on Financial Services

The UK and EU have agreed a Memorandum of Understanding in relation to future cooperation on financial services following three months of talks since the signing of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement in December 2020.