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Letting Residential Property in Ireland

The Irish property market continues to perform very strongly with continued investor demand for residential property and student accommodation. We set out the answers to the questions most frequently asked by investors considering entering the Irish market as private residential landlords.

DAC 6 Update – European Implementation

While DAC 6 proposes a uniform mandatory disclosure rule framework, it can be expected that national implementation will result in a non-uniform set of rules, which calls for an adequate coordination amongst involved intermediaries.

Supreme Court Confirms Extent of Legal Representation in Disciplinary Proceedings

The Supreme Court has confirmed that employees only have the right to legal representation in disciplinary proceedings in exceptional circumstances.

False Witness

Judicial decisions and LRC recommendations provide strong indications that the ramifications of failing in the role of expert witness will become increasingly severe.

Wasted Time? Recent Rulings Fail to Clarify Approach in Financial Loss Claims

Recent rulings demonstrate how the Irish courts have yet to agree a consistent approach in considering the Statute of Limitations in economic loss cases.

Pensions Winter Briefing

In their latest briefing paper our pensions team discuss new pension rights for mobile workers and summarise some key regulatory updates in the pensions industry.

Land Rover fails to 'Defend' its 3D Vehicle Model Applications

Land Rover has failed to secure trade mark protection for its 3D vehicle model marks.

Liverpool FC Not Caught Off Balance - Lessons for Brand Partnerships

A recent decision of the English High Court in New Balance Athletics, Inc v. The Liverpool Football Club and Athletic Grounds Limited [2019] EWHC 2837 (Comm) provides important clarity to brand partners and sponsors on the contentious issue of matching rights – an important contractual right found in many sport and media sponsorship deals.

Central Bank Makes an Example of Director Found in Breach of Fitness & Probity Standards

In this briefing we review the recent prohibition by the Central Bank of a director of a regulated firm for breaches of the Fitness & Probity Standards.