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Immigration is Essential for Ireland's Continued Economic Recovery; What Can be Done to Facilitate it?

The Central Bank of Ireland proposes strong net migration as the most important source of employment growth if the economy continues to grow at recent rates.

The New Prospectus Regime – What Do I Need to Know?

New prospectus regime came into effect across the European Union on 21 July 2019

Court of Appeal Reaffirms that High Court has "No Role To Play" in Restraining Redundancies: Injunction Appeal Denied

The Court of Appeal has delivered its much-anticipated judgment in the case of Kearney v Byrne Wallace reaffirming the well-established position that the courts will not intervene to restrain an employee's redundancy where a statutory regime to challenge is already in place.

Central Register of Beneficial Ownership Goes Live

Companies have until 22 November 2019 to file beneficial ownership information with newly established register

Supreme Court Rules on Preliminary Injunction Test

The Supreme Court ruled that a preliminary injunction restraining the infringement of a Supplementary Protection Certificate relating to Merck Sharpe & Dohme's Inegy product should have been granted in 2017 and that the availability of damages although a most important factor is not decisive in whether to grant such an injunction.

State has a Duty to Make "Reasonable Efforts" to Assign Bilingual Judge to a Trial

The High Court has ruled that the State has a constitutional duty to make "reasonable efforts" to assign a bilingual judge in a District Court criminal trial where the accused wishes to present his side of the case in the Irish language.

Prospective Employees Secure $11m Age Discrimination Settlement with Google

Prospective employees claimed they were wrongly discriminated against throughout Google's interviewing process.

Protect your Professional Sports Club - Protect your IP

Sports clubs are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of intellectual property protection as a means of capitalising on their brand.

High Court Confirms One Year Uninterrupted Residence is Required for Citizenship

High Court rules that applicants for citizenship must have one year's uninterrupted residence immediately prior to their application.