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Compulsory Question: Challenging a Property Arbitrator in Compulsory Purchase Order Cases

Compulsory Purchase: A property arbitrator's refusal to state a case to the High Court on a point of law is subject to Judicial Review

CCPC Consults on Simplified Merger Notification Procedure Guidelines

On 29 October 2019, the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) published a consultation on draft Simplified Merger Notification Procedure Guidelines.

Corporate crime: more tools needed in DPP's toolbox?

Corporate crime can be challenging to prosecute due to its frequently complicated nature, which in turn poses challenges to the DPP applying traditional methods of prosecution. Does the DPP need more tools to penalise corporate entities for illegal behaviour? Deferred Prosecution Agreements ("DPA") may provide a solution in the right circumstances.

Legal Advice Privilege Survives Dissolution of Company

A recent English decision gives guidance on what happens to legal advice privilege attaching to communications between a company and its lawyers, once that company has been dissolved.

No-Deal Brexit Ready? A Q&A for Irish Investment Funds

The possibility of a no-deal Brexit continues, so too does the preparatory work of promoters of Irish funds and Irish management companies. We have produced a Q&A checklist to assist in conducting a health-check of existing arrangements if a no-deal Brexit were to happen.

Flexible Policies Needed to Extend Working Lives of Older Workers

The ESRI release study highlighting the need for flexible policies to extend working lives of older workers.

Can You Copyright a Powder? Charlotte Tilbury Wins Over look-a-like Contender from Aldi

A recent UK decision illustrates the difficulties in proving what artistic copyright can extend to, and how it is affected by the concept of ‘fixation’ or permanency.