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Expert Exposure: Protecting Privilege in Expert Evidence

A recent Court of Appeal decision considers the position of a proposed expert witness for the plaintiffs who was already retained by the defendant in two other non-related actions. The decision raises interesting questions about conflict of interests for expert witnesses and exposure of experts to privileged information by the party that retains them.

Legal News - July

We aim to keep you up to date on legal developments that may affect you or your business. Here are some of our recently published website articles and insights you may have missed.

Two Steps Closer to EU-Wide Class-Actions?

This article considers what may be coming down the tracks for Ireland as the EU Parliament recently gave the green light to the first EU-wide rules on class-action style lawsuits

Central Bank Determination points to Increased Focus on Senior Executive Accountability

Following a recent Central Bank of Ireland enforcement action, we review the decision of the Central Bank and consider the future of senior executive accountability.

European Commission launches consultation on Digital Services Act package

The European Commission is seeking views on a new legal framework for the provision of digital services across the EU Single Market.

Retirement Age and the Programme for Government

We examine the key pensions aspects of the Programme for Government and some of the practical implications for pensions trustees and employers.

COVID-19 Tactical Measures – Security for Costs and the Existence of Special Circumstances – Part 2

As mentioned in Part 1 of this two-part series, it is thought that there will be an upsurge in litigation due to COVID-19 related disputes. Defendants may take the strategic step of making a security for costs application to overcome claims they believe to be unmeritorious. A plaintiff may try to circumvent this by establishing, on a prima facie basis, that special circumstances exist. Part 2 will look at some other types of special circumstances that were recently considered by the High Court and Court of Appeal.

Insurance Industry Faces Emerging Litigation Threat

The insurance industry is facing increased uncertainty and risk arising from COVID-19. We explore the increased likelihood of claims and potential litigation arising from government enforced closures of businesses and risks related to the phased return to work.

Revenue Moving CG50A Application Process Online

Revenue has issued a new tax and duty manual, providing guidance on the new online application system for CG50As.