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Take a look at some of our GDPR Team discussing the key impacts of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, topics include an Overview of the GDPR, Territorial Scope, the Rights of Data Subjects and Profiling. Each video highlights the importance and practical effects on the impacts of the GDPR.


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  • Clients note that the firm has a "young and innovative team" who are "always great to work with." Sources also appreciate that "they are up to date on new data protection regulations." Chambers Europe 2018
  • "This firm's passion and interest in the technology sector is outstanding - we have been tremendously impressed." Chambers Europe, 2016 - TMT
  • "The team has a wide range of experience that it brings to bear on specific issues, and provides timely and concise advice." Chambers Europe, 2016 - TMT
  • David Cullen’s team is noted for its ‘in-depth industry knowledge’. Legal 500 EMEA, 2016 Information Technology
  • William Fry’s group includes ‘world class team lead’ David Cullen, as well as Leo Moore, who ‘balances risk and commercial opportunity’, and associate John Magee, who has ‘excellent technical know-how’.Legal 500 EMEA, 2015 Information Technology
  • "This firm is very available and responsive, and good at tailoring advice for non-lawyers.Chambers Europe, 2015 - TMT
  • "We have a good degree of trust in this team's advice. The lawyers have a flexible approach, and are clearly high quality.Chambers Europe, 2015 - TMT
  • Team head David Cullen is ‘strategic and pragmatic’, and Leo Moore ‘incorporates industry knowledge and commercial acumen’. Legal 500 EMEA, 2014 - Information Technology
  • "A proactive team that goes beyond expectations. If you give the lawyers an instruction, they will bring their own expertise and a holistic understanding of the technology environment." Chambers Europe 2014 - TMT
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  • The lawyers are sharp and offer great strategic advice.” Chambers Europe, 2013 - TMT 
  • William Fry’s team is ‘excellent and helpful at all times’, and has ‘superb business acumen’ Legal 500 EMEA, 2013 - Information Technology
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  • William Fry’s experienced team is ‘affable and insightful’. Legal 500 EMEA, 2012 - TMT


  • David Cullen
    • Esteemed practitioner David Cullen "has really incredible experience in the area of technology and IP, and is cool, calm and pragmatic," say sources. Chambers Europe 2016
    • "He has really incredible experience internationally and is cool and calm, with an extremely good understanding of the technology industry," say clients. Chambers Europe 2016
    • He is "tenacious, focused and always at the forefront of the issues concerned."  Chambers Europe 2015
    • An absolute expert and key leader, David Cullen "understands not only where our business is, but what our plans are, how we want to grow and what the consequences are," enthuse clients.Chambers Europe 2014
    • Technology head David Cullen is a highly experienced practitioner with "a wealth and depth of understanding; he really has a very comprehensive grasp of IT.Chambers Europe 2014
    • David Cullen is ‘strategic and pragmatic’. Legal 500 2014
    • David is a firm favourite with clients and is described as “calm and considered, with a wealth of knowledge about the area.” Chambers Europe 2013
    • David Cullen is ‘one of the best in the business’ Legal 500 2013
    • As well as winning plaudits for his technical ability he is lauded as a “superb negotiator. He can see around corners and anticipate the issues that will arise.”  Chambers Europe 2012
    • He is greatly appreciated by clients, who say: “He is extremely considered and takes the time to understand our needs. He makes us feel at ease and listens to what we are saying.”  Chambers Europe 2012
  • Leo Moore
    • According to sources, Leo Moore is "very good at grasping technical issues, and explaining them in a non-technical manner," with one adding: "One of the best things is that he figures out how to make things happen, never coming back with reasons not to do things." Chambers Europe 2016 
    • “He has a can-do attitude, is practical and available 24/7, and gets the job done. I couldn't do business without Leo,” enthuses a client. Chambers Europe 2016
    • Leo is "extremely responsive, knowledgeable and conscientious." Chambers Europe 2015
    • Leo Moore, who ‘balances risk and commercial opportunity’Legal 500 2015
    • Leo Moore "is very pragmatic and personable. He comes up with creative solutions and is very good on trade mark and copyrights," according to one source. Chambers Europe 2014
    • "He has commercial acumen; he marries the business aspects with the legal aspects. He looks after our interests, but not at the expense of doing business. Chambers Europe 2014
    • Leo Moore 'incorporates industry knowledge and commercial acumen'Legal 500 2014
    • Clients value Leo Moore's “no-messing, focused, can-do attitude." One states: "He deals with all my issues - it wouldn't be possible for me to do business without him!” Chambers Europe 2013
    • Leo Moore ‘will always find interesting commercial angles in times of need’. Legal 500 2013
    • Leo Moore is a firm favourite with his clients. As one enthuses, “his strength is his ability to take complex issues and communicate it in a simple and easy to understand manner. He is also incredibly pleasant to work with.”  Chambers Europe 2012
    • Leo Moore is ‘a breath of fresh air’Legal 500 2012
  • John Magee
    • Clients pick out John Magee as an associate who is "easy and straightforward to deal with, even when under pressure. He is definitely a person I would go to in a crisis."  Chambers Europe 2016
    • John Magee, who has ‘excellent technical know-how’. Legal 500 2015
    • Clients find that John Magee "is timely and responsive; the quality of his advice is outstanding, practical and workable."  Chambers Europe 2014
    • John Magee is regarded as “efficient, commercially solid and personable.”  Chambers Europe 2013
    • John Magee is “proactive and will always do his best to answer our queries. It is like having a business consultant working alongside us,” according to clients. Chambers Europe 2012

Data Protection Update: Data Security Breach Reports Rise By 70%, Complaints Up 56%

Data Protection Commission issues first annual report post GDPR demonstrating a surge in both complaints and reports of breaches.

GDPR in Numbers

The European Commission this week published an infographic entitled 'GDPR in numbers' which includes findings and statistics tracked from May 2018 to January 2019 concerning compliance, enforcement and awareness of the new rules.

William Fry Data Protection Day Update 2019

On International Data Protection Day our Technology team round-up some of the key data protection stories of 2018 and look ahead to the likely events of 2019.

Any Data Portability in a Storm: Communications and Utility Sectors Face Consumer Contract Challenges under GDPR

With the launch of an initiative in the UK designed to increase consumers awareness of various contractual options and the use of new data portability rights, certain sectors in Ireland and the rest of the EU can expect to see similar changes affecting how they manage contracts.

Blockchain Resolution Passed by EU Parliament but GDPR Could Be Weak Link

Blockchain is being cited as the potential answer to everything from endangered species protection to the Irish border after Brexit. The EU Parliament has published recommendations for regulating the technology, but could data protection be a stumbling block?

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