Aileen Fitzmaurice

University of Limerick

I graduated from the University of Limerick with a degree in Law with Economics in 2016. 

Following completion of my FE-1 examinations and securing my training contract I had the opportunity to spend some time travelling, going on to live in Sydney for a year. Working in the legal industry in Sydney broadened my experience of commercial law and multinational transactions. This experience assured me that training in a large corporate firm that services international clients, as William Fry does, was the right choice for me. 

During my time in William Fry, I have grown to admire the culture the Firm fosters. Perhaps the most notable aspects of the culture within William Fry is the open door policy. This policy extends from Intern to Partner level, such that no one misses an opportunity to learn and make valuable contributions to their team.  I have found my colleagues, across all levels, to be approachable and eager to assist in my learning and development – even during the busiest of times. 

The Firm’s ethos culminates a sense of comraderie amongst the Trainees and I have made some great friends within the Firm. William Fry is committed to promoting work life balance and there is no shortage of events open to employees across all levels, providing ample opportunities to make lasting connections with your colleagues in the Firm. The Trainee Social Committee is always kept busy organising the next big event, including the annual Trainee weekend away. There is a strong emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibilty within the Firm giving Trainees the opportunity to get involved with various fundraising events, so whether you’re a keen baker or an avid runner there are plenty of ways to contribute to some very worthy causes. In addition, there are regular well-being and mindfulness seminars promoting positivity and mental health in the workplace. 

William Fry’s investment in their Trainees is reflected in the high retention rate.  The work I have been exposed to to date has been challenging, yet innovative and exciting. I am eager to continue to engage in the high level of work that William Fry, as one of the country’s leading commercial law firms, offers throughout the course of my Training Contract.


"There are countless resources open to Trainees, including a large team of knowledge lawyers whom I found to be particularly helpful."

Aileen Fitzmaurice

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