Conor Hurley

Trinity College Dublin

I graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a Bachelor of Laws in 2019. Prior to undertaking my degree, I had spent several years in the workplace since leaving school, working primarily in Pharmaceutical and Medical Sales. I completed the William Fry Summer Internship Programme during the third year of my degree in 2018. 

From my earliest experiences I was impressed with the friendly and open atmosphere in the office. The firm operates an open-door policy and even as an intern, you are encouraged and made to feel comfortable seeking out interaction with colleagues at all levels. When I was offered a training contract at the end of my internship, I very happily accepted as I was sure the firm was an ideal fit for me.

I began my traineeship in April 2021 and thoroughly enjoyed my first seat in Commercial Litigation, which was an amazing learning opportunity. Having a familiarity with the court system and with some of the basics of legal drafting also proved hugely beneficial when we went to Blackhall Place to begin our professional training. Some of the day-to-day tasks of a trainee in Commercial Litigation include assisting in the drafting of legal documents; taking watching briefs in court; completing research tasks and drafting articles. 

Although we commenced our traineeship remotely, the challenge of remote working was met brilliantly by the firm. Our departmental teams, the learning and development team and the excellent facilities team ensured that we had every necessary support available to us to hit the ground running. The firm also operates a 'buddy system' for new joiners, where you are assigned to a trainee or associate who will provide support and guidance as you find your feet. Having had such a positive experience of this system as an intern and trainee, I have since volunteered as a buddy to try and ensure interns have a fulfilling and realistic placement with us.

Trainees play a very active role in the firm and the quality of work assigned to us can be challenging but highly rewarding. Having access to a well organised support system and to colleagues at all levels who are unfailingly generous with their time, greatly alleviates the challenges we face as trainees, particularly when changing departments and having to become comfortable with new areas of law. In terms of the rotation system, we are also fortunate that the firm actively engages with trainees on our rotation preferences and works to facilitate us undertaking seats in departments we have a particular interest in.

William Fry boasts a beautiful, modern office building with fantastic amenities, including a restaurant and 24-hour gym. There are also opportunities to get involved in sports and social clubs and I am eagerly looking forward to travelling to London with the firm to take part in the England and Wales law society sevens tournament. These more informal social occasions allow you to get to know colleagues outside of the confines of the office and help to create a strong collegial atmosphere, which in turn contributes to the hugely positive working environment.


"William Fry values a diversity of personal, educational, and professional backgrounds. I was encouraged to find myself surrounded by people who had unique stories."

Conor Hurley

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