Simona Siskauskaite

Corporate (NUIG, BCL & LLB)

After graduating from NUIG with a Bachelor of Corporate Law International, spending one international year in the University of Granada, Spain and a postgraduate LLB degree. I then worked as a university tutor and researcher however I decided that my interest in law extended beyond the purely academic and I applied for the William Fry Traineeship Programme. 

When I came to interview in William Fry I was struck by the friendly, open welcome I received at the introductory drinks reception and interviews and in all my ensuing interactions with the Firm. I was also delighted to find the offices located in a beautifully-designed building that really created a wonderful working environment. When I received my offer I didn't hesitate to accept.

After the thoroughly enjoyable experience that is Blackhall Place I came into the office and I am currently completing my first rotation in the Corporate department having finished PPC I last April. The work in the department is fast-paced, interesting and rewarding, allowing me to take on a great level of responsibility from an early stage in my career and I feel like an integral part of the team. The work varies from day to day and I am involved in very interesting tasks, such as correspondence with clients, drafting, amending documents, filing documents in the Companies Registration Office, arranging for documents to be notarised and legalised for different countries.

The doors of more senior members of the team are always open so you have the support and guidance you need. Furthermore, the ongoing training seminars and learning support that you experience in William Fry are second to none. The overall dedication to the Traineeship Programme really stands out. Moreover, William Fry encourages its Trainees to suggest which department they have a keen interest in and thus seeks to accommodate its Trainees.

The top-quality facilities, social emphasis and outstanding training in William Fry have all contributed to make my experience in the Firm a thoroughly positive and enjoyable one. While the work is demanding,  I have found that it is entirely possible to maintain a balance between personal and professional life.

"The work in the department is fast-paced, interesting and rewarding, allowing me to take on a great level of responsibility from an early stage in my career."

Simona Siskauskaite

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