Ciara Woulfe


I studied Law and Irish at University College Cork and graduated in 2019. During my degree I spent one semester working as an intern with the Insolvency team of William Fry. The Insolvency team were extremely welcoming and approachable, and I was impressed with how they treated me as an equal and valued the work I was doing.. My favourite task was conducting watching briefs at the Four Courts, a task which really piqued my interest in the litigious side of corporate law. I enjoyed witnessing the legal theory, concepts and principles that are studied at college being applied in practice. After my six months interning in William Fry I was only delighted to accept the training contract offer.

William Fry were very accommodating by facilitating my training contract to start in 2022. This gave me time to travel, to sit the FE1’s and to work at the Court of Justice of the European Union. My first rotation of the traineeship is in the Corporate department.. As the nature of the work is transaction-based with many closures and deadlines, the tempo is fast-paced, exciting and highly stimulating. No two days are ever the same. Trainees are entrusted with many tasks and we are encouraged to act on our own initiative, which I believe shows the extent to which we play an active role in the firm.

The overall organisation and structure of the William Fry training program demonstrates the extent to which William Fry invests in its trainees. The traineeship kicks off with two weeks of induction and training. Thereafter trainees attend regular legal seminar sessions which can be department specific or interdepartmental. This is a great initiative as it gives trainees insight into the work of other departments in the firm. Each rotation incorporates an “end of seat review” between trainees and a partner on their team , which  is a great opportunity for trainees to get feedback, guidance and advice from senior colleagues in the firm.

The social life of William Fry proves that it is not all work and no play! The trainee weekend away, the Calcutta Run and the Richmond Rugby 7’s Tournament in London are only some of the highlights on the social calendar. A personal favorite of mine is the Irish speaking coffee morning, namely Tae agus Plé, whereby anyone with cúpla focal is welcome in the canteen for a free coffee and pastry. Such social events are a great way to meet colleagues of all levels and from all departments. They are a true testament to the open door policy and sense of collegiality within William Fry.