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Ireland's Domain Registry to Liberalise the .ie Domain Name Registration Process


IEDR, the Irish registry for internet domain names, is to liberalise its policy on the registration of .ie domain names following a public consultation which we earlier reported on here.

Until now, an applicant for a .ie domain name had to meet the following requirements in the registration policy:

  1. provide proof of identity;
  2. show a “real and tangible connection” to Ireland, which could be achieved by means of Irish nationality, having an Irish address, being an Irish company, showing regular trade with Ireland or owning a trade mark which affords protection in Ireland; and
  3. show a “valid claim to the name”, i.e. a valid reason for applying for the domain name, such as the domain name matching the name of the company or a trade mark.

The IEDR proposed relaxing the registration policy by removing the “valid claim to the name” requirement.  62% of respondents to the public consultation declared themselves to be in favour of this change, with the IEDR saying the proposal met with approval from both the public and from industry stakeholders.

The IEDR will now remove the requirement as of March 2018, meaning that any person or entity will be able to register a .ie domain name provided it has a “real and tangible connection” to Ireland.

Contributed by: John Farrell




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