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Responsible Business Annual Report 2023

William Fry is pleased to launch its Responsible Business Annual Report 2023.

At William Fry, we view our impact on the world as integral to our success and approach sustainability not just as a business priority, but as a reflection of who we are.

Our materiality assessment helped us to prioritise the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that resonate with both our stakeholders and our core values big thinking, energetic engagement, and powerfully principled. We have used the SDGs as a framework to show you the meaningful steps we’ve taken in 2023 toward a more sustainable and inclusive future for all.

Thank you to our external partnerships for being part of this incredible journey, and for your ongoing support in making the world a better place. Through collaboration, we will continue to build on the work we have done around diversity and inclusion, climate action, and the rule of law in 2024.

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