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Terminating Employees: Is the Backstop Under Threat?

Contrasting views taken by the High Court in two recent employment injunctions where an earlier purported dismissal was abandoned in favour of a no-fault dismissal on notice

New Rules for Trustees to Establish Beneficial Ownership Register

New rules requiring trustees to maintain beneficial ownership registers have immediate effect

Oppression Must be Conceded Before Court Will Sanction Independent Valuation of Shares

Recent High Court case provides guidance on the technical aspects of a shareholder application for oppression.

Asset Management & Investment Funds Update Feb 19

Each month our Asset Management & Investment Funds team write a 'Legal & Regulatory Update'. Welcome to the our February 2019 edition.

GDPR in Numbers

The European Commission this week published an infographic entitled 'GDPR in numbers' which includes findings and statistics tracked from May 2018 to January 2019 concerning compliance, enforcement and awareness of the new rules.

High Court Considers what an Interim Examiner may do before his Appointment is Confirmed

A recent decision of the High Court has provided guidance on what an Interim Examiner can do before his/her appointment is confirmed by the High Court.

Legal News - February 2019

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School Bus Driver teaches Employer a lesson in Unfair Dismissal

School Bus Driver teaches Employer a lesson in unfair dismissal

Landmark Ruling in UK Confirms Funded Professional Athletes not Considered as Employees

Olympic cyclist loses unfair dismissal case against British Cycling and UK Sport