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Significant Extension to Parent's Leave and Important Amendment to Adoptive Leave now in effect

From 1 April 2021, the Family Leave and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2021 provides for a three-week extension to the parent's leave entitlement for working parents and amends adoptive leave entitlements to include married same-sex couples.

Verifying the Identity of a Data Subject: A Look at What's Reasonable in the Circumstances

What constitutes a reasonable request for further information for verifying identity? Do you need to ask for additional information in all circumstances when responding to a DSAR? We look at the DPC's decision in Re Groupon International Ltd, where the DPC went into further detail about what is reasonable and proportionate to request from an individual in order to verify their identity.

Amber Light for the EU's Digital Green Certificate

EDPB and the EDPS release Joint Opinion on the EU's Digital Green Certificate.

Intense Regulatory Focus on Liquidity Risk Management Continues

Fund liquidity management is a hot button issue for local, EU and international regulators. See our analysis of the Central Bank's and ESMA's demands for managers to review fund liquidity frameworks.

Is a Further PRIIPs Delay for UCITS Imminent?

UCITS become subject to the requirement to produce a PRIIPs KID on 1 January 2022. See our analysis of the latest developments and whether these are likely to lead to a delay to this requirement.

EIOPA Publishes Analysis on National General Good Rules

EIOPA has published its analysis of the published national general good rules on registration and professional and organisational requirements under IDD.

Important Employment Law Update: New Code of Practice on the Right to Disconnect

A Code of Practice for employers and employees on the 'right to disconnect' from work has been signed into law with immediate effect. Employers and employees should familiarise themselves with the new Code, and in particular employers should ensure that their policies, procedures, and indeed culture, reflect the Code.

Recent TAC Determination Concerning EII

Recent Tax Appeals Commission (TAC) determination concerning the Employment and Investment Incentive (EII) scheme.

Video: When Spectators take the Hit – Spectator Litigation in Ireland

Video: Patrick Murphy and Laura Flanagan talk about spectator litigation in sport where spectators are struck by golf balls, rugby balls or ice hockey pucks while attending sporting events.