Global Fund Registration Solutions

Global fund marketing, promotion and distribution is a complex task for investment managers as fund regulation continues to increase globally.  Regulatory rules and requirements differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Passporting UCITS and AIFs globally and ensuring ongoing overseas regulatory requirements are adhered to, carries significant internal business and operational risks for management companies, as well as placing significant burden on internal resources.

William Fry Global Fund Registrations Solutions (GFRS) offers efficient, cost effective solutions in relation to overseas marketing and distribution of both UCITS and AIFs.

With combined legal expertise, in-house asset management experience and extensive overseas stock exchange listing experience, the dedicated William Fry GFRS team is uniquely placed in the Irish market.

GFRS offer bespoke, tailored solutions to assist clients in optimising their multi-jurisdictional marketing and distribution strategies.

Global Registrations



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Key Contacts

Marion Mellett Consultant

James Phelan Partner

Vincent Coyne Partner