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CloudCode Launch: Standards and Guidelines for Cloud Services in New Zealand

The New Zealand Computer Society, on behalf of the ICT sector, has released a Cloud Computing Code of Practice or ‘CloudCode’ to help regulate the rapidly growing cloud computing industry in New Zealand. The CloudCode aims to improve the standard of cloud computing services provided in New Zealand and it makes the country one of only a handful to produce such a code.

The CloudCode is a response to calls for a boost to consumer confidence in the cloud industry. It was felt a lack of standards and practice guidelines, together with a misunderstanding of the definition of cloud computing itself, threatened to damage the reputation of the industry in New Zealand.

The CloudCode was developed as an industry initiative with the aim that further regulation will not be necessary. It gained support and financial backing not only from New Zealand’s own cloud providers, but also from some of the world’s most prominent cloud leaders, including Google and Microsoft.

An important part of the CloudCode is the setting of a standard of disclosure for the cloud sector. It requires disclosure to clients of certain information, including information on data security measures and breach notification procedures. It is hoped that the measures relating to disclosure will engender confidence among suppliers and end users of cloud services with regard to data protection and privacy measures.

Xero CEO, Ron Drury commented that although developing this type of code is difficult, it is possible in a small country like New Zealand because the cloud industry is much tighter. Perhaps after the successful launch of SWiFT, Ireland’s road map for businesses adopting the cloud (see previous article here), developing a code of practice to regulate cloud services in Ireland is the next logical step for cloud computing services here.

Contributed by David Cullen