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Eu Technology Regulation Video Portal

The EU Digital Strategy is an ambitious and far-reaching project to regulate the digital economy which affects businesses operating in Europe.

For those businesses, understanding and staying on top of this framework of regulations is critical, both for compliance and to protect their brand and reputation. It also brings new opportunities for businesses to differentiate themselves from the competition.

The Technology Regulation team has recorded a comprehensive and innovative video guide to help clients navigate complex technology regulations relating to data, cybersecurity, content, platform and Artificial Intelligence.

Included on this page are videos covering:

  1. The Data Act
  2. Network and Information Security 2 Directive
  3. Cyber Resilience Act
  4. Digital Operational Resilience Act
  5. Digital Markets Act
  6. Digital Services Act
  7. Online Safety and Media Regulation Act
  8. EU AI Act
  9. AI Liability Directive



The Data Act

The Data Act allows for access to data generated by providers and manufacturers of connected devices and smart objects. The act emphasises data access on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms. Manufacturers and providers may have to provide generated data to on request.


Network and Information Security 2 Directive

The Network and Information Security 2 Directive is a new piece of cybersecurity legislation forming part of the European Union’s digital reform package which aims to significantly enhance the overall standards of cybersecurity in the EU at every level.

Cyber Resilience Act

The Cyber Resilience Act is still in draft form and subject to change, but the current draft proposal seeks to introduce a set of harmonised cybersecurity rules which will apply to anyone bringing digital products to the EU market.

Digital Operational Resilience Act

The Digital Operational Resilience Act aims to consolidate and upgrade ICT risk requirements in the EU financial sector, to guard against cyber-attacks and ensure that in-scope financial entities are subject to uniform rules mitigating ICT-related operational risk.

Platform & Content

Digital Markets Act

The Digital Markets Act is an EU regulation which sits alongside the Digital Services Act and aims to ensure that larger ‘gatekeeper’ platforms behave in a fair way online. This act aims to protect businesses who depend on these “gatekeeper” platforms to reach customers online.

Digital Services Act

The Digital Services Act is a ground breaking piece of legislation that reshapes the digital landscape in the European Union by creating a safer digital space where the fundamental rights of users are protected and by establishing a level playing field for businesses.

Online Safety and Media Regulation Act

The Online Safety and Media Regulation Act introduces a first of its kind media regulation regime which establishes a new regulator, Coimisiún na Meán, transposes the revised Audio-visual Media Services Directive, and  establishes a robust regulatory framework to deal with the spread of harmful content online.

Artificial Intelligence


The EU AI Act governs the use of artificial intelligence within the European Union. It is designed to analyse and categorise AI systems based on the risks they pose, ensuring the proper functioning of the EU single market by setting consistent standards across Member States.

AI Liability Directive

The AI Liability Directive introduces new rules specific to damages caused by AI systems, ensuring that persons harmed by AI systems have the same level of protection as those harmed by other technologies.

Download William Fry’s EU Technology Regulation Playbook

The purpose of William Fry’s EU Technology Regulation Playbook is to give key stakeholders in your business a high level overview of what is to come and the impact this is expected to have on your business.

This will help guide you in compliance, resource and legal budget planning over the next few years. To assist you with analysing the impact of the EU Digital Reforms package on your business, we have assigned business impact ratings to the regulations, directives and acts. These outline the impact that each will have and help you identify if your business is within scope.


Download the playbook