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Technology, whether existing or emerging, is changing the way we live, work and engage with each other.

It transforms how businesses deliver services; it improves business processes and culture; it assists companies in meeting changing market demands.

Small, medium and large companies are engaging in digital transformation for numerous and diverse reasons. To evolve with business and market demands, to engage digital technologies that improve business processes, and to enhance customer experiences, these businesses need innovative legal and tax strategies to facilitate transformation.

The William Fry Digital Transformation Series will explore key legal, emerging technology and commercial factors driving digital transformation strategies.

This series will focus on themes including environmental factors, legal and regulatory landscape, location, liability and cyber security risks, the EU’s Strategy for Digital Transformation, and technologies driving change such as Blockchain, IOT, and Artificial Intelligence.

We will be releasing articles on these topics over the coming months with insights for businesses to consider and review in the context of their business and digital transformation strategies.

Our insights, which are relevant to those engaging in digital transformation strategies, draw on our years of experience in the technology sector, our understanding of our clients’ businesses, and research conducted by William Fry over the past 8 years.

The first of our global research studies, carried out in 2016, “Europe for Big Data“, found that companies across all industries consider themselves as, in effect, data organisations. We explored developing trends emerging from the global data revolution and how companies were actively pursuing and accelerating their investments in data and tech driven strategies. While our report showed that approaches may differ, the business challenges and the opportunities involved played a key role in decision making across all industries and sectors.

In 2021, our research study “Global Trends in Technology & Data” revealed insights from over 300 C-suite executives from leading companies around the world. We examined trends in how businesses were using new and emerging technologies and data, what factors were affecting decision making in digital/technology investments and the extent to which new technologies, such as 5G, artificial intelligence, machine learning, the internet of things and blockchain, were being deployed.

We build on these insights and on our experience throughout this series and discuss new emerging trends, technologies and concerns for businesses.

We look forward to sharing ideas, discussing legal issues and engaging with our readers on the topics covered in this Digital Transformation Series.

We look forward to helping you Transform with William Fry.

Contributed by Leo Moore & Róisín Culligan