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Plastic Free July

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”
George Bernard Shaw

Plastic is everywhere. It is cheap and versatile which makes it ideal for many things, but it has also become a serious environmental issue.  

  • More than 300 million tonnes of plastic is produced every year.
  • 50% of it is single-use – used for just a few moments, but on the planet for several hundred years.
  • More than 8 million tonnes of it are dumped into our oceans every year.

This needs to stop. Will you be part of the solution?

We are Part of a Worldwide Movement

Plastic Free July is a global movement of change, where millions of people commit to protecting our environment by choosing to refuse single use plastics.

As a Firm, we have made great progress in reducing our use of single use plastics. We have…

  • Replaced plastic cutlery with a compostable alternative;
  • Eliminated plastic bottled water from our events and training;
  • Replaced plastic dry cleaning bags with compostable ones; and
  • Raised awareness on plastic alternatives through workshops and campaigns.

Most recently, we began removing all plastic bottled beverages from our onsite restaurant.

Will You Take 3 for the Sea?

This July we hope you will join us and TAKE 3 FOR THE SEA.

No matter where you are, whether its walking on the beach, hiking in the middle of the mountains, or picnicking in the park, we want you to pick up three pieces (or bags!) of trash and save it from making its way to our oceans. Get your friends and family involved too!

Thanks to amazing William Fry Environment Committee member Andrea and her family for kicking off the challenge by sending in the great pics below!

We can’t wait to SEA the difference you are making to our world! 


Clean Coasts Workshop

We’re also delighted to host a virtual Submersive Ocean Workshop for our staff with Clean Coasts.

The talk will cover:

  • Plastic pollution;
  • Marine pollution in Ireland;
  • Recycling issues faced by Irish people and as a nation;
  • Stay at home Green Activities; and
  • Sustainability in the office. 

More to Come…

There’s more to come for Plastic Free July this month. Be on the lookout for tips, tricks and recommendations on our social media channels.