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The William Fry ‘Europe for Big Data‘ report, produced in association with Forbes Insights, analyses the key factors driving big data strategies based on a survey of 200 C-suite executives in leading companies around the world.

The report highlights the business challenges and opportunities Big Data offer that are now a key part of decision making across most industries and sectors, and can no longer be viewed as a technology issue.

David Cullen talks about firms being comfortable with increased regulation.

Leo Moore talks about why Ireland might be a small nation with a massive data footprint.

John O’Connor on the Irish data protection regime being held in high international regard.

International companies are increasingly deciding to locate their Big Data decision making, operations and strategies for each geographic region in that region. For example, in relation to Europe, the survey shows that 80% of international organisations already have a European business presence. Couple this fact with exponential growth in Big Data operations and it follows that a growing number of companies are or should be looking to open or expand data operations in Europe.

Download a copy of our ‘Europe for Big Data’ report here or click the image below.