Why Ireland

Ireland is one of best places in the world to do business. This is not just due to our clear and transparent tax system or our 12.5% corporate tax rate. Other factors such as the pro-business environment, the highly skilled and educated population and our geographical position as a gateway to Europe are key attractions for companies looking to expand into Europe.


Why Invest in Ireland

Ireland attracts some of the most successful international companies to its shores, as well as emerging companies from a wide variety of sectors (including ICT, pharma and life sciences, financial services and social media).

The Irish Government actively supports FDI in Ireland and provides state funded grants to businesses looking to establish a presence here. The Industrial Development Authority (“IDA”) is the Government’s FDI agency and provides a wide range of supports (financial, administrative and otherwise).

We maintain strong links with the IDA, other State legal and regulatory agencies and the service provider community in Ireland. This enables us to streamline the process of gathering information and project planning which you and your business may require.  

With over 1,000 international companies located here, Ireland continues to be one of the most favoured global locations for FDI.