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Data Protection Commissioner says GDPR will "impact every business"


Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner, Helen Dixon, has stated that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will “impact every business” at the recent opening of the Office of the Data Protection Commission’s new headquarters.

The General Data Protection Regulation, which applies from May 2018, represents a major overhaul of Data Protection Law. It makes major changes for all businesses in fields such as the obligation for certain businesses to appoint a Data Protection Officer while also introducing a number of new rights for individuals such as the right to data portability.

Speaking at the opening of the new headquarters, Helen Dixon stated that

 “GDPR is a truly game-changing overhaul of European data protection laws that is going to impact every business, every individual and every member of public sector bodies in Europe. It will also impact businesses outside of Europe but who target European consumers. It is a law that is going to lead the standard for data protection globally.”

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Contributed by John O’Connor