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In Short: Age in the Workplace Report

February 9, 2016

William Fry’s 2016 Employment Report, Age in the Workplace, was launched at a breakfast briefing on 28 January 2016.

The Report is based on a survey, commissioned by William Fry, of Irish employers, employees and people currently seeking work. The results found that 48% of organisations do not have a stated retirement age with many relying on individuals retiring when they reach 65 (even though the current state retirement age is now 66, rising to 68 by 2028). However, as also evidenced by the survey, the majority of working people expect to have to work beyond retirement age. Enforced retirement is therefore likely to become an increasingly contentious issue.

A full copy of the Report can be downloaded on the link below. This is the fourth report in a series exploring the most significant issues facing the workplace in Ireland.