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Pensions Winter Briefing

In our latest Briefing, we bring you an update on a wide variety of legal developments affecting the pensions sector.

  • New Flexible State Pension Age – Impact on Employers
    We review the State pension reforms that are set to introduce flexible drawdown options for the State pension from January 2024 and how this may impact employers in enforcing mandatory retirement ages.  
  • The Recipe for Own Risk Assessment: Legal Risk as a Key Ingredient
    We discuss how legal risks can form a key part of the own-risk assessment exercise facing trustees. We focus on some ‘real-world’ legal risks trustees can face in practice.
  • Regulatory Update – In Brief
    We provide some ‘bitesize’ updates surveying:

    • pension reforms in the Finance (No.2) Bill 2023;
    • changes to the rules on forced transfers of deferred members’ benefits; and
    • the current status of auto-enrolment proposals.
  • Navigating the New Era: AI and the Pensions Industry
    We give an insight into the infusion of AI into the pensions industry, highlighting the impending AI Act, and delving into strategies to navigate compliance with AI in an evolving landscape.

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