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Public Sector: Legislation Programme Spring/Summer 2017




Public Sector Standards Bill 2015

To reform the existing legislative framework in relation to ethics regulation for those in public office and to establish a Public Sector Standards Commissioner to oversee a complaints and investigations process.

Awaiting Committee Stage (Dáil)

National Archives (Amendment) Bill

To amend the National Archives Act 1986 to reduce from 30 years to 20 years, under certain circumstances, the requirement to transfer Departmental Records to the National Archives.

Pre-legislative scrutiny expected by January 2017

Data-Sharing and Governance Bill

To mandate greater data-sharing and data-linking in the public service, to provide a legal mechanism to facilitate lawful data-sharing and data-linking for all public bodies, and to define standards for data governance and security to be followed in any data-sharing or data-linking activities.

Heads of bill approved July 2015, pre-legislative scrutiny to be determined

Electoral Commission Bill

To provide for the establishment of an Electoral Commission.

Work is underway

Táillte Éireann Bill

To merge the Property Registration Authority, the Valuation Office and the Ordnance Survey Office.

Heads of bill approved January 2015; bill is progressing

Digital Hub Development Agency (Dissolution) Bill

To dissolve the Digital Hub Development Agency (DHDA), repeal the DHDA Act 2003, and to give effect to the merger between the DHDA and Dublin City Council.

Work is underway

Amendment of the Constitution (Removal of Blasphemy) Bill

To provide for a referendum on removing the crime of blasphemy from the Constitution.

Preliminary work has commenced

Garda Siochána (Compensation for Malicious Injuries) Bill

To provide a revised scheme for compensating Gardaí maliciously injured in their work.

Legal advice is being analysed

Official Languages (Amendment) Bill

To amend the Official Languages Act 2003 to ensure the most efficient use of resources.

Heads of bill approved in April 2014; pre-legislative scrutiny has taken place

Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Amendment) Bill

To amend the Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act 2012 to address some issues that have arisen regarding the scope of responsibilities in relation to the recognition of awards and regulation of private and voluntary providers, to ensure adequate protection of enrolled learners where providers discontinue a programme, and to give greater authority to institutes of technology to award Level 9 qualifications.

Heads of bill currently being drafted

Green Climate Fund Bill

To give effect to Ireland’s membership of the UNFCCC Green Climate Fund.

Preparatory work is underway

Public Service Management (Amendment) and Civil Service Regulation (Amendment) Bill

To allow greater devolution of management and disciplinary functions.

Work is underway

National Economic and Social Development Office (Amendment) Bill

To dissolve the National Economic and Social Development Office and place the National Economic and Social Council on a statutory footing.

Draft heads of bill under preparation

Irish Aviation Authority (Amendment) Bill

To amend the Irish Aviation Authority Act 1997 to extend the existing powers of the IAA, with regard to its safety regulation function and to recoup costs through fees and charges for its aviation security regulation functions. It will also provide for the recognition of the role of the IAA in compliance monitoring with regard to ICAO Annex 17 (prevention and suppression of all acts of unlawful interference against civil aviation on a worldwide basis).

Work is underway

Industrial Relations Act 1990 (Amendment) Bill

To provide Garda Representative Associations with access to the State Industrial Relations Institutions.

Work is underway

Organisation of Working Time Act 1997 (Amendment) Bill

To amend the Organisation of Working Time Act 1997 (OWTA) to remove the blanket exclusion of An Garda Siochana and members of the Defence Forces from scope of the OWTA and bring them within scope, subject to the application of the derogations permitted by the Working Time Directive.

Work is underway

Competition (Amendment) Bill 2016

Bill to delimit the application of the Competition Act 2002 to Trade Unions and Trade Union Members and to certain agreements negotiated with public bodies, and to provide for related matters.

Second Stage (Dáil)