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Regulation of Crypto-Assets in Ireland - FRU FAQ

The William Fry Financial Regulation Unit has designed this FAQ to answer some essential regulatory questions relating to crypto-assets and help firms navigate this often complex, and continually evolving, regulatory landscape. The FAQ addresses:

  • What is a crypto-asset?
  • What are the various types of crypto-assets?
  • Is there a specific regime regulating crypto-assets in Ireland?
  • How are crypto-assets addressed under the AML/CTF regulatory regime in Ireland
  • What are initial coin offerings (ICOs) and which regulatory requirements apply to ICOs in Ireland?
  • What are the key risks in relation to crypto-assets identified by regulators?
  • Are there any proposals for the future regulation of crypto-assets?

See our briefing below for responses to these questions. Further, see here for the Financial Regulation Unit briefing on the proposed legislative framework for Markets in Crypto-Assets which will impact these issues when that framework enters into force.

FRU Briefing