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Why We're Supporting the Green Ribbon Campaign


The focus on mental health has increased in the workplace over the past few years, but possibly even more so since the COVID-19 pandemic reached our shores. We all have mental health and we know that people in the legal profession can suffer from higher than average rates of stress. A recent Law Society survey of lawyers in Ireland found that 50% reported experiencing very high to extreme levels of stress at work. The Law Society launched their Wellbeing Hub to help better support the mental health of their members. In William Fry, we have also increased our mental health supports across the Firm for all of our people.

Over the past several years we have implemented various programmes and initiatives to help start the conversation around mental health in our workplace and to provide greater support for our people. These include:

  • Mental Health First Aid training;
  • Maternity and paternity coaching;
  • Mentorship programme;
  • Employee assistance programme;
  • Monthly focus on health and wellbeing in our staff newsletter;
  • Mental health awareness campaigns focussing on the mental health impact of sleep, nutrition, social interaction, physical activity and intoxicants;
  • Mindfulness sessions; and
  • Mindfulness for Law courses.

Though we have taken great strides, this is a journey and we recognise that there is more that we can do to support the mental health of our staff and to play a role in breaking down mental health stigma in our community. We are proud to join See Change Ireland’s Green Ribbon campaign this year as another step in our journey. 

To help reduce stigma and promote mental health in our community, we will:

  • “Wear” the green ribbon on all our social media channels for the month of October;
  • Promote mental health resources on our website and social media channels; and
  • Add a green ribbon to our email signatures for the duration of the campaign.

To continue to promote the conversation around mental health in our office, we will:

  • Sign and commit to the Law Society’s Professional Wellbeing Charter;
  • Provide mental health awareness sessions for all staff and line managers;
  • Promote mental health resources weekly in our staff newsletter and intranet; and
  • Commit to continue to look for ways to better support the mental health and wellbeing of our people.

Join us and all the other Green Ribbon supporters and start the conversation around mental health in your workplace. For more information, visit the See Change website and download the supporter’s pack today.