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William Fry has a long history of conducting business responsibly and giving back to the community

Our approach to sustainability is guided by our values of big thinking, energetic engagement, and powerfully principled, which shapes the way we do business. Operating responsibly is a fundamental part of our business strategy and we strive to embed environmental, social, and governance considerations throughout the company. We have a range of sustainable and ethical practices, including building strong relationships with clients and the community, working towards greater environmental sustainability, and ensuring responsible governance in our supply chain. We are grateful for the support of senior sponsors, committees, and partners, as well as all employees who have contributed to their responsible business program over the past year. Together, they have made a positive and lasting impact.

Environmental sustainability is a crucial aspect of William Fry’s Responsible Business program and a fundamental component of our business strategy. We are dedicated to managing the environmental impact of our operations, including energy consumption, waste production, paper usage, and business travel. Additionally, we strive to make a positive impact on sustainability through investments in biodiversity, raising awareness among staff, and providing advice to clients. We have identified our most significant environmental impacts and established goals to enhance their environmental performance.

Social sustainability is a vital aspect of our business strategy, which encompasses areas such as diversity and inclusion (D&I), health and wellbeing and community. By fostering a diverse workforce, we can attract and retain a wide range of talented individuals. Additionally, by creating an inclusive environment where people are encouraged to reach their full potential, we are able to tap into the unique perspectives and experiences of our staff to provide innovative solutions to our clients.

We have implemented several committees in order to promote good governance, sustainability, and inclusivity within the firm. These committees focus on specific areas such as environmental sustainability, diversity and inclusion internally and in our community and health and wellbeing. They are comprised of employees from various departments within the company. The purpose of these committees is to promote a culture of transparency and accountability within the firm, and to ensure that all stakeholders are involved in decision-making processes.


Pro bono work has a clear synergy with William Fry’s mission, values and core competencies and as such constitutes a significant component of the Marketplace Pillar. We provide ongoing pro bono support to charities and social enterprises through our Social Impact+ programme, through which we provide workshops and 1:1 mentorship and legal support. The programme enables our legal and non-legal staff to make a difference using their unique and specific professional skill sets to help charities and social enterprises increase their impact as they address critical social issues including sustainability, gender equality, neurodiversity, and social inclusion.

We are pleased to launch our Responsible Business Annual Report 2023.

At William Fry, we view our impact on the world as integral to our success and approach sustainability not just as a business priority, but as a reflection of who we are.

Click here to download the report.

We are grateful to our partners for their support in helping us strengthen the impact of all of our key initiatives in the areas of pro bono, diversity and inclusion, environmental sustainability, and community.

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